复旦大学泛海国际金融学院(Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University,简称FISF)是按照国际一流商学院管理模式和标准创办,专注于高端金融人才教育和金融领域智库研究的商学院。学院以立足国际金融视野,服务国家金融战略,塑造顶级金融人才,成就顶级金融智库为使命,力争通过5-8年的努力,将学院建设成为占据全球金融学科制高点,具有国际影响力和话语权,能够切实回答并解决金融业发展重大现实问题,为国家、地方、企业的创新驱动和升级转型献计献力的世界顶级金融学院。









  1. 遵纪守法,品行端正,无违法违纪等不良记录;

  2. 新近获得博士学位,或即将获得博士学位的应届博士研究生,年龄在35周岁以下,身体健康;

  3. 具备全脱产从事博士后研究工作的条件;

  4. 具备完成博士后研究工作的专业能力和敬业精神;

  5. 写作能力突出




  1. 简历;

  2. 来自博导或相关专业领域同等级别专家的推荐信两封;

  3. 博士后研究计划(请根据以上所列的研究方向确定具体的课题和研究切入点,计划格式无限制,应包括研究目的和意义、研究方法和内容框架、研究创新等,要求5000字以上。);

  4. 博士学历学位证书复印件;

  5. 博士论文和三篇学术论文


  1. 申请人应将上述申请材料的电子版发送至rc_fisf@fudan.edu.cn

  2. 本站根据申请人提交的申请材料组织面试,择优录用。面试将重点考察应聘者的整体素质、专业基础以及研究能力。面试时间将另行公布。

2019 FISF Postdoctoral Recruitment Initiative  

Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University(FISF) is a business school founded in accordance with the management model and standards of the world's leading business schools, focusing on high-end financial talent education and financial think-tank research. FISF aspires to ascend to the league of world-class business schools with global and domestic influence in the next 5 to 8 years. To this end, the School is committed to educate future leaders through innovative, best-in-class pedagogy. It is also determined to spearhead cutting-edge research that will further our understanding of the Chinese and international economies and inform decision-making in the public as well as private sectors.  

We invite all qualified doctor graduates from backgrounds related to Economics and Finance (especially who are interested in Think Tank Research), to apply for the FISF Postdoctoral Recruitment Initiative.   

I. Experts at FISF Postdoctoral Research Station  

Leader: Huasheng Gao

Members: Jun Qian, Shang-Jin Wei, Shiyi Chen, Charles Chang, Huafeng Chen (Jason Chen), Cheng-Der

II. Target  

1. To cultivate top research talents for higher education institutions in China. Postdoctoral students will be able of publishing international academic papers and working as the assistant professor (or higher level) at first-class universities in China.

2. In addition to being professors at universities, the postdoctoral students can also become excellent researchers at all kinds of Financial Institutions, such as Banks, Securities Companies and Securities Regulatory Commissions, etc. 

III. Application Requirements  

1. Compliance with regulations and laws, good behavior with no violation of laws and no other bad records;

2. The applicant should be the student who recently achieves the doctoral degree or the Ph.D. candidates under 35 years old with healthy conditions;

3. Full-time postdoctoral research;

4. Professional abilities and dedication in conducting research;

5. Excellent writing abilities.  

IV. Research Areas  

1. Corporate Finance 2. Asset Pricing 3. Consumer Finance 4. Capital Market 5. International Finance and Trade 6. Internet Finance 7. FinTech 8. Financial Institutions 9. Real Estate Finance 10. China's Financial System Openness and Security  

V. Application Materials  

1. Resume;

2. Letters of recommendation from doctoral supervisors or equivalent experts of two related disciplines;

3. Postdoctoral research plan (please confirm the specific topic and research entry point according to the research direction listed above, the format of the plan is not limited, at least should include the purpose and significance of the research, research methods and content framework, research and innovation, etc. More than 5000 words);

4. A copy of the doctoral diploma and degree certificate;

5. Doctoral dissertation and three academic masterpieces.  

VI. Other Matters  

1. Applicants should send the electronic version of the above application materials to rc_fisf@fudan.edu.cn.

2. The station will organize an interview based on the application materials submitted by the applicant, and select the best. The interview focuses on the applicant's overall quality, professional foundation and research capabilities. The interview time will be announced separately.